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New Schedule

Here is my new schedule with no maid in it :

Morning :
Cooking for breakfast and hubby's lunch
Wash the dishes after cooking and breakfast
Wash the cloths
Swept the falling leaves at the yard
Clean up the floor
Clean up the bed room
Clean up the bath room (three times a week)
Clean up the dust (twice a week)

Afternoon :
Getting formal learning for my homeschool son
Cooking for lunch
Wash the dishes
Take a nap :)
Writing and browsing

Night :
Cooking for dinner
Wash the dishes
Checking my online store and Second Life store
Writing or making outfit for Second Life avatars
Sleeping time ^_^

All that schedule is not a fix schedule, I do all of my activities with my son and husband. So... I get enough refreshing in my busy time ^_^


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